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Religious heritage

Clachan Church

Standing on the ancient site of St Maelrubha's monastery (ca. 673 AD), the present church was built in 1817. The beauty, tranquility and simplicity of this building and its surroundings make it a popular site for visitors and locals. The Gaelic name for Applecross is A Chomraich (The Sanctuary), and Clachan Church lies at its heart.  There are no regular services, but the church is still used for weddings, funerals and memorial services. Clachan Church is being restored by the Partnership Scheme.
To the left of the entrance gate stands a tall, plain slab with an incised Celtic cross, said to mark the grave of Ruairidh Mor MacAogan, abbot of Applecross, who died in 801 AD. The remains of other carved Celtic crosses, dating from the 8th century, can be seen in the nearby Heritage Centre. 

The Chapel

Situated within the burial ground of Clachan Church stand the roofless remains of what is believed to be a chapel dating from the 15th century. According to records, it was used as a burial vault by the Applecross family in 1859.

The Holy Well

Located below the road near the White Gate, the Spout Well (Gaelic Stroupan a bhile) is fed by a Holy Well above, which is itself associated with St Maelrubha and his monastic settlement. The water is currently unfit for drinking due to contamination from roadside ditches. The Partnership Scheme aims to restore the well so that it can once again be a resting and refreshment place for pilgrims. 

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