Programmes & projects

Five interlinked programmes of projects have been developed under the partnership to help achieve its objectives. These are listed below. The best source of information on the culture and history of Applecross is the Applecross Historical Society, and we encourage all those with an interest in these themes to visit their website.

Worship and Burial

Aims: To restore and conserve a number of key religious buildings in Applecross, promote understanding and appreciation of Applecross’s religious heritage and improve access to, and the quality of, interpretation relating to religion in the peninsula.

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People and Places

Aims: To ensure that local archaeology, history and culture are recorded and accessible, and promote local heritage, including the Gaelic language.

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Trails and Thoroughfares

Aims: To develop paths that provide access to the landscape heritage of Applecross, including routes that meet the needs of people with different physical abilities.

Woodland, Grassland and Wildlife

Aims: To restructure existing areas of forest plantation to create native species woodland of wildlife and amenity value, to re-invigorate and re-introduce traditional land management practices to improve the biodiversity of local grassland habitats, and to improve loch and river habitat and the appreciation of their wildlife and social value.

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Drystane Dykes and Historic Buildings

Aims: To restore drystane dykes and historic buildings that are part of Applecross’ economic and social history and to improve access to, and the interpretation of, the area’s built heritage.


 Aims: To equip the local community with the rural skills needed to create employment and manage the land for social and environmental benefit. Training opportunities comprise an important part of ALPS. In addition to specific local skills training related to dyking, path building and maintenance, land management and digitisation, a range of other courses will be organised once needs have been identified.
Promoting the rich
heritage, wildlife & culture
of the West Highlands

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