Aims: To equip the local community with the rural skills needed to create employment and manage the land for social and environmental benefit. Training opportunities comprise an important part of ALPS and we are really pleased that there are now a number of local people who are self employed with the skills that they learnt.

There were a number of people who trained in drystone walling and gained certificates and then went on to undertake all of the drystone walking repairs through ALPS. Likewise, A path building course was attended and that person did extensive path building through ALPS and has now gone on to be self employed.

Other courses and workshops were: archive digitisation, booking keeping, accessibility, bee keeping, chainsaw certificates, health & safety, social media training, energy saving & domestic wood fuel.

There have been so many positive outcomes from this particular project because it gives the individual a courage and a confidence that they can strike out on their own, that they have skills.
Promoting the rich
heritage, wildlife & culture
of the West Highlands

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